Complete planning of house and garden

Own House

Ongoing transformation and addition to an allotment garden in Copenhagen, Denmark – this house is our own.

The tradition of allotment gardens spread through Europe in the 1780’s. It was originally planned for workers - mainly millitary staff - to have a place to grow vegetables and spend the summer in a countryside setting, while still being close to the city center. The small houses on the plot were built by the owners themselves with help from friends and neighbors.  

This particular house was built in 1942 with no insulation as originally it was only used during the summer. To be able to work throughout the year the house had to be fully rebuilt . Nevertheless the perimeter of the house was respected and the humble feeling of a self-built simple black painted wooden box has been kept. The cheapest possible materials were used; plywood boards, asphalt roofing and recycled doors and windows. Floors are epoxy painted chipboards. The exterior plywood is burned, a technique seen in Japan – which is a affordable and natural way to protect wood against damp, insects and mould. The interior is lye- and soap treated plywood, while the bathroom is cladded with burned laquered plywood. A long concrete bench also serves as stairs to the house.