Complete transformation and extension of existing building
Collaboration with Mariano Barceló

Apartments Puerto Sóller

Puerto Sóller has been one of the most important harbours of Mallorca for centuries. Some of the first constructions built here were the fishermen houses on the sea’s front line. The stone paved streets in front and around them still have the feeling of a little costal village from another century. Around them the later navy harbour was configured. The object of renovation of this project is one of these houses. In collaborating with the local architect Mariano Barceló, the house was completely renovated and grew in height to become 3 different apartments. As the building is settled on a rising slope; The first apartment is accessed from the sea front line and the two other ones from the back street which is 4m higher. Narrow and full of irregularities in plan and height the project presented numerous challenges. A light patio with a reflecting device was one of the measures used to introduce light into it. The materials used are those that have always been used in the area; stones, lime and clay plaster, ceramic tiles and wooden windows and shutters.