Transformation Berlin
Collaboration Victor Boye Julebaek

Transformation Berlin

The project is an urban transformation of two listed, former industrial sites on the Spree in Berlin, that are to be torn down as a part of the Mediaspree Plan. 

As an attempt to provide an alternative to the aggressive, rather generic urban renewal that is taking place at the moment, the project engages on different scales and deals with subjects such as cultural heritage and everyday life. 

Notions from a 4 month field study in Berlin, became the basis of the project and was exhibited as 500 pages laid out on a large floor. All pages had something different to say about our meeting with Berlin and contained a variety of texts, drawings, photographs, surveys etc.

Like Berlin, the project became one of layers and stories. It is not interested in making a choice between conservation or new construction but thrives in variation, ambiguity and juxtaposition, producing a diversity of spaces unimaginable with a generic approach to a living city.

The many sub projects range from a loose sketch or an idea to more elaborated proposals touching the three cornerstones of the urban transformation: the technical, the historical and the phenomenological aspect.